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We understand how it feels when you have an impending emergency to tackle and you are cash strapped. When you want the world to not know that you are in difficult times and show that all is fine. We would like to welcome you to borrow payday loans from us because we know how exactly the comfort you feel when you borrow from someone that you know and are familiar with.

Your information is safest with us:

The personal information shared by you including the physical proof of employment that is furnished by you is kept with us in a safe and secure place. There is no way any information can be leaked or compromised. The information saved in the cloud server is also extremely safe and once the loan is repaid by you, the information is all deleted. We would like to reiterate that the data is totally encrypted and there is absolutely no way that any security breach can take place regarding any particulars that you hand over to us in a fiduciary relationship. The deletion of such data at the closure of the debt is also done in a secured environment and there is absolutely no chance of any infiltration.

Loans designed for each one of you:

We over work and try our best to be able to design a loan that is not only the perfect one of you but one which will not tax you or pressurize you at that time of repayment. We are proud to announce that 85 percent of our customers are people who choose to foreclose their loans.
The loans are designed keeping the people in mind and we call them ‘you’- centric loans. We love the fact that we are somebody you think of when you have devils to deal with!

Our rate of interest:

We are extremely competitive in our rate of interest and we can challenge you on that. if there is another payday lender in the same locality who will match our rate of interest with other conditions being constant , we will cancel your interest and only accept your loan at face value!
This is our challenge! Now go figure this out!!


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